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Dermal Fillers and Neurotoxins

Achieving the Perfect Shape Face with Dermal Fillers and Neurotoxins

As the landscape of injectable options expand and grow, injection techniques also continue to evolve. A good injector, like Dr. Mittelman will consider the overall shape of each individual patient’s face and aim to achieve balance and harmony using dermal fillers and neurotoxins.

Why is a heart-shaped face an ideal shape that is appealing? Why do we perceive it as youthful when we see someone with these facial proportions?

The heart-shaped face is perceived as youthful because when we’re young, all the fat pads are high in the middle face and upper face. There’s enough fat in our faces to cover the bony structure and the skeletal structure. Everything looks soft and you don’t have the angularity that one sees with age. As we age, we lose fat pads and the ligaments that hold the face up and suspend everything gets stretched.

That’s why old age is associated with drooping and everything starts to collect at the bottom third of the face in more of a pyramid shape. Like, Carrie Fischer said “My face looks like I am melting”. Youthful faces have more of a heart shape where they’re broad at the top and more tapered at the bottom. Dr. Mittelman makes the mid-face and upper face more youthful by injecting dermal fillers that are thick, to convert a triangle into the face and giving the illusion of youth.

What’s the best way to achieve this look?

Dr. Mittelman looks at the face as a global area, not as a series of lines and wrinkles that need to be filled. Dr. Mittelman looks at the face as a dynamic series of bones, of soft tissue, of skin and the interrelationship between those is what’s important. When he sees lines and sun damage, he can address those with IPL, Microneedling and the medical-grade skincare lines he carries at his Surgery Center.  Dr. Mittelman, also looks at the age of the patient. When He restore the lips so they look nice and pump, and not huge, they should be proportional, giving the face a more defined jawline, which is very important to make sure that the jawline and chin are not receding (so that the face doesn’t disappear before the bottom of the chin).

Dr. Mittelman injects the cheeks and the temples to restore the volume that gets lost as we age. And a lot of times he will treat the tear trough as well. Botulinum toxins are essential for relaxing the muscles that pull the face downwards, or create vector lines to make the face more youthful.

Dermal Fillers used in the lower third of the face can help create a more stable and attractive jawline. Without that definition at the jaw, the bottom of the face just transitions to the neck with no barrier. So, the angularity of that area is lost when you’d like to keep it. The receding chin is then perceived as a weak facial structure, so by putting some filler in there, we can go ahead and give you more definition and it doesn’t take over. It comes down to using the right amount in the right place. Sometimes at, Mittelman Plastic Surgery Center, we do it over series of visits, but it works nicely and one of the things that sets us apart is the way in which we combine dermal fillers with a botulinum toxin to weaken the muscle that pulls the chin and some laser work to make the skin more youthful and bright.

Why it’s not advisable to do cheek fillers and ignoring your lower face?

Dr. Mittelman understands facial dynamics and facial filling, because if you don’t, you just end up spackling some lines and that’s never a good long-term investment. While you may spend less money initially, it’s going to be expensive and not perfect over the long run.

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Hank B.

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“Dr. Mittelman, the master of administering BOTOX with fabulous results! His staff is super friendly and their office is extremely diligent in providing a safe, sterile, and clean environment, particularly during these unprecedented times – COVID-19”

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