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IPL Anti Aging Treatments

IPL Intense Pulsed Light Anti-Aging Treatment

How can Benefit me?

This allows the dermatologist to customize a treatment for each client, and the concentrated yet gentle light energy pulses trigger a rejuvenation of the skin without the harmful effects of skin cauterization.

Using Light Energy for Skin Treatment

Light is made up of photons, and photons are absorbed by certain materials having a given density and tone. When energy is absorbed by skin tissue, the tissue heats up and is slightly damaged. This is a good thing, because the body will respond by creating healthy replacement tissue.

However, subjecting the skin surface to concentrated light energy is similar to suffering from sunburn. An IPL device doesn’t cause this because it can be calibrated to deliver a combination of wavelengths that pass right through the epidermis and be absorbed deeper down. The skin surface will benefit anyway, because it is in the lower dermal layers than new epidermal tissue is created.

How We Perform the Treatment?

We consult with the client and examine the facial features closely. We’re looking at the dynamic wrinkles, acne scars, injury scars, and other forms of hyperpigmentation. This allows us to customize the treatment and schedule the proper number or treatment sessions.

After the skin has been treated with a cooling gel, the IPL instrument is pressed against the surface. Each pulse of the lamp is very brief in duration. The darker, more dense tissues beneath the epidermal layer will absorb the energy and heat up slightly.

This shrinks the collagen in the affected tissues. Strange as it may sound, this results in an increase in collagen production. The heat also shrinks capillaries, and this helps to minimize the appearance of blemishes such as age spots and injury scars.

How Many Photo Facial Treatments do I Need?

Typically, a patient requires between 3-6 photo facials treatments. The damage from the sun is created at different skin depths and over time and after continued exposure the spots will get bigger and become more prominent. Getting a Photo Facial actually prevents the appearance of these spots.

How Many Photo Facial Treatments Until I see Results?

The results will be noted within days as these spots make their way to the surface of the skin and discoloration begins to dissipate. Multiple treatments ensures the entirety of the dark spot is removed and that deeper spots are targeted and removed as well. A single treatment is not sufficient to permanently remove sun damage.

How Often Should I Get A Photo Facial?

Every 3-6 weeks to allow for skin cell turn over. Photo Facials promote collagen production.

How Do IPL Anti-Aging Treatments Work?

Dr.Mittelman consults with each patient and examines the facial features closely. He is looking at the dynamic wrinkles, lines and hyperpigmentation. This allows Dr. Mittelman to customize the treatment and schedule the proper number of treatment sessions.

The skin is treated with a cooling gel, the IPL is pressed against the surface, and each pulse is very brief in duration. This shrinks the collagen in the affected tissue, this results in an increase of collagen production. That heat also shrinks capillaries, and helps to minimize the appearance of blemishes.

Photo facial skin rejuvenation works by passing a flash of bright light through a filter that only allows a specific color of light in the flash to pass through the filter and hit the skin. When the Photo facial light energy is absorbed by the pigment or blood vessel, the heat from the IPL light destroys the pigment or blood vessel by heating it.

What Will My Skin Look like immediately after a Photo facial Skin Care Treatment?

Unlike lasers, which can cause the skin to peel and possibly leave scars, IPL treatments are very gentle on the skin. The pigment in the brown spot or age spot will darken very slightly, looking like coffee grounds, and the treated blood vessel will also darken a bit… The treated areas may also be slightly pink for a few hours. You may return to work. And your skin will be nearly normal the next day.

Does An Intense Pulsed Light Skin Care Treatment Hurt?

There is minimal discomfort during an IPL care treatment. Anesthesia or numbing medicine is not required. When the IPL flash hits the skin you will feel a small snap or sting, but this is easily tolerated by all of my patients

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