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Mittelman Horizontal Neck Lift

Mittelman Horizontal Neck Lift

Dr. Mittelman has developed a procedure to improve horizontal etched neck lines and excess skin of the lower neck. Plastic surgeons have primarily offered upper neck lifts but treating the horizontal lines of the neck can be challenging.

Dr. Mittelman has presented this new surgical technique at multiple facial plastic surgery meetings. The Mittelman Horizontal Neck Lift is able to successfully:

  • Firm and tighten the skin in the neck
  • Remove etched lines, wrinkles, creases and folds of the lower neck in exchange for a well-healing scar
  • Eliminate excess fat and skin in the lower half of the neck
  • Correct a “turkey waddle” neck as a separate procedure at the same time
  • Does what a classic face lift cannot do
  • Be done under local anesthesia
  • Create a more rejuvenated overall appearance that will help you look as young as you feel.

To prepare for a neck lift, Dr. Mittelman will thoroughly explain what you can expect from the procedure during your consultation. During that time, he will carefully evaluate your unique needs and make recommendations that will ensure an optimal outcome.

To begin your surgery, you will receive an oral sedative to relax you and local anesthesia by means of lidocaine injection. Once your smooth and youthful neck has been successfully restored, Dr. Mittelman will expertly close the incisions to ensure the resulting scars are optimal.

Though most individuals can resume their normal daily routine within 1-2 days, Dr. Mittelman will offer personalized guidance for your recovery period during your post-operative appointments.

As Dr. Mittelman believes in truly personalized care, he determines candidacy for all his procedure on an individual basis.

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