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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty in Los Altos, CA


You don’t have to undergo a surgical procedure to enhance the appearance of your nose and improve facial harmony. Vast improvements can be made without going under the knife, using non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques. However, at his Los Altos practice, board-certified facial plastic surgeon Harry Mittelman, MD has discovered that dermal fillers can achieve attractive results for certain patients who live in and around San Jose, Palo Alto and the surrounding communities of California via non-surgical rhinoplasty.

What Is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

The non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure is a newer treatment available through distinguished plastic surgeons. Instead of making incisions and working through them to alter nose shape, injectable fillers can be used to enhance the shape of the nose, addressing concerns such as:

      • Nose shape
      • Nose size
      • Nasal tip positioning
      • Straightening the nose’s bridge
      • Covering nasal bumps

This procedure is fairly painless and convenient in correcting minor nasal abnormalities which may cause major issues regarding one’s appearance. No anesthesia, incisions and lengthy recovery times required!

How Can Dermal Fillers Help?

Dr. Mittelman is a qualified, board-certified facial plastic surgeon who can provide skilled contouring of the nose using dermal filler injections. This non-surgical method can be applied in scenarios such as:

      • Reshaping the bridge of the nose
      • Correcting minor defects not addressed in rhinoplasty
      • Restoring symmetry
      • Enhancing the tip of the nose
      • Smoothing out the nasal hump


Benefits of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Dermal fillers used in non-surgical rhinoplasty offer several benefits, including:

      • Temporary improvements – if you are unhappy with the results, a new plan can be pursued in just a few months.
      • Dermal fillers create natural-looking results.
      • Dermal fillers offer precise correction and are highly versatile – the level of precision they offer may not be able to be achieved through surgical rhinoplasty.
      • Results are apparent right away, unlike with surgery where results may not be apparent for a full year.
      • Patients are awake and conscious and are able to provide guidance, making sure the look provided by the fillers meets their objectives.
      • Patients don’t need any downtime following non-surgical rhinoplasty, unlike the surgical alternative that can require months of recovery.


Non-Surgical Revision Rhinoplasty

Dermal fillers injected into the nose are often a smart option instead of a revision rhinoplasty. Additional surgical procedures may weaken the nose and may need to be avoided; non-surgical rhinoplasty is a safe alternative. If minor irregularities exist following your rhinoplasty, fillers can offer the definition you want that may not be able to be achieved through surgery.

What Injectables Are Used In Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

To perform non-surgical rhinoplasty, fillers made of hyaluronic acid are used, including:

These fillers are malleable and easy to work with, and could be removed within a day if needed. Since fillers do not offer permanent results, patients could still undergo surgical rhinoplasty down the road if desired.

How Long Does A Liquid Rhinoplasty Last?

The results of a non-surgical rhinoplasty will depend on factors such as:

      • The type of dermal fillers used
      • Which area of the nose was addressed by treatment
      • The healing time and response to the injections

During your consultation, Dr. Mittelman will inform you of which filler he feels is the best solution for you. He’ll let you know what to expect as to the results and how long they may last. Dermal fillers are metabolized differently by each patient, which will alter the length of time results are visible. Dr. Mittelman will discuss with you the average outcome so you will know what to expect.

What Are The Instructions After Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?


      1. Ice Packs – Ice packs should be applied often in the first 24 hours following your non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure.
      2. Elevate the Head – The head should be elevated above the heart for the first 24 hours following the procedure. Use two or more pillows to achieve the desired elevation.
      3. Treat the Nose Gently – Avoid putting pressure on the nose or massaging it for two weeks following the procedure.
      4. No Strenuous Activities – Avoid contact activities which could bump the nose for at least two weeks.
      5. Using Makeup – Makeup may be used, but be sure to apply it gently.
      6. Water is Acceptable – You may get your nose wet when bathing or swimming, just take great care not to push or bump it.


How Much Does Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Cost in San Jose?

The cost of non-surgical rhinoplasty varies based on the type and amount of fillers necessary to produce the desired results. Mittelman Plastic Surgery offers a number of payment options to make your procedure affordable, we accept cash, credit cards and checks.

Harry Mittelman, MD, is recognized as a pioneer in facial plastic surgery. As a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, specializing in both surgical and non-surgical or non-invasive cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery procedures, Dr. Mittelman provides his patients with exceptional skills and results that last. For more information on non-surgical rhinoplasty or to schedule a private consultation at Dr. Mittelman’s office, please contact us today. We serve the entire Southbay and Bay Area including Los Altos, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Redwood City, Mountain View, San Mateo, San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and the surrounding areas.

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