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VI Peel

Vi Peel

If you are an experienced seeker of the newest chemical peel or, if you are looking for a great peel to get you started, look no further than our Aesthetic Skin Fitness Center Vi Peel. It is no coincidence that it sounds like V.I.P. because the skincare process is quick and easy, and you’ll look like a star with smooth skin and a healthy complexion. Known as one of our most painless peels, this facial peel has outstanding rejuvenation benefits and minimal recovery. Plus it is safe for all ethnicities.

So what is it that you’re waiting for? From acne or problematic pores, to wrinkles, sun damage or melasma and everywhere in between, the goal of this Aesthetic Skin Fitness Center peel is essentially to gain a natural, clear skin look and minimize the need for makeup.

Here’s What it Does:

  • Reduces Sun Damage, Melasma and Sun Spots
  • Eliminates Hyper-Pigmentation for Skin Rejuvenation
  • Diminishes Wrinkles, and Fine Lines
  • Eliminates Acne Scarring and Damage

Add Boosters for Specific Skin Concerns

  • Target Pigment Issues
  • Focus Highly on Acne and Acne Scarring
  • Increase Anti-Aging Properties

So how does it work, and what’s in a Vi Peel? This facial peel is a different beauty product that gives you a great natural look. The active elements are hard-working and anti-aging ingredients that fight against the properties of your skin that you may not care for. Removing the dead skin cells on the surface actually forces the body to create new cells more quickly, resulting in clearer and healthier skin.

Here’s What’s In It:

  • Phenol, an antiseptic, numbs the skin for a painless procedure, while adding exfoliation to the process
  • Salicylic acid continues exfoliation of the dead cells, and works as an anti-inflammatory
  • Vitamin C, an antioxidant, brightens the skin, stimulates collagen production and protects from UV rays
  • Trichloroacetic acid produces collagen
  • Retin-A stimulates the collagen in the skin to ease wrinkles and fine lines, inhibits pigmentation and increases cell turn over

The Vi Peel itself only takes about 20 minutes. People love the Vi Peel beauty treatment for its effectiveness and of course, because it doesn’t tie in with the old fashioned “no-pain, no gain” mantra. Customers who have gotten this peel describe it as virtually painless with no burn, although some mention a slight irritation or tingling sensation. Some redness in the face is common during recovery time as well. Experience users will tell you that the first two days after the peel are easy, and to just use some moisturizer. Day 3 and 4 are target days to stay in, but they are when the magic happens. Peeling begins on day three and is typically complete in 2 days. After the process is over, users report smooth skin. Better pores and healthy, brighter complexion. Call us today to schedule your consultation with LeeAnn Steffen, our Medical Aesthetician 650-941-8888

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Hank B.

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