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Mittelman Plastic Surgery Reviews

RealSelf Patient Reviews of Harry Mittelman, MD

"Dr. Mittelman, the master of administering BOTOX with fabulous results! His staff is super friendly and their office is extremely diligent in providing a safe, sterile, and clean environment, particularly during these unprecedented times - COVID-19 " KM from Monte Sereno
"Over the years I have had different procedures done by Dr. Mittelman. I prefer to have the smaller surgeries as I go along the way, they are less invasive and provide more natural results. Dr. Mittelman has delivered excellence in professionalism each and every single time. H is an excellent plastic surgeon, more like a sculptor with the eye of a portrait painter." Jaqueline D.
"I had my upper eyelids done by Dr. Mittelman. I was expecting improvement, but I think the results are fabulous. Dr. Mittelman and I talked a lot about what I was hoping to get out of the surgery and what he thought was possible. I had some wrinkles and heavy "hooding" that made me look tired. And I think we were perfectly aligned. - healthy improvement without making me look unnatural. I had talked to other plastic surgeons in the area and I chose Dr. Mittelman because of our conversations. The procedure was easy and fairly painless. Dr. Mittelman and his staff were professional and personable. - supportive, reassuring, patient and just really pleasant. Recovery was surprisingly fast - After about 14 days most of the bruising was gone and the scars are minimal - two very faint and fine lines that disappears entirely with my normal makeup routine. I had a really great experience with Dr. Mittelman. And now I cant imagine going to any other plastic surgeon for anything - not even Botox. In a few years I'll be in need of lower eyelid work. I'll be going to Dr. Mittelman for that as well." Mary S.
"I have been going to Dr. Mittelman for various procedures since 1999. He is personable, easy to talk to and absolutely sane about what to do and when. I appreciate his calm advice as much as i do his surgical skills, which are_the best_ A special note about the staff - they are considerate and prompt about getting back - making sure you are well cared for, couldn't ask for better. Go here." Hank B.
"I've been a patient of Dr. Mittelman's for 19 years, since 1995. He gave me a chin-jowl implant and liposuction under my chin, balancing my features and giving me a nice defined jaw line. I started Botox in 1998 and will never to anyone else. Dr. Mittelman has been consistent with giving me excellent results. I've started having filler injections a few years ago. Dr. Mittelman and Terry Silverman, always consult with me before the procedure letting me know if I need it or not. Most Recently, I had the sagging skin on my upper eyelids removed. The symmetry is the work of an artist. I used to have  a "lazy" eye and now they are even. I've received tons of compliments and i'm very happy he did such a nice job. His nurse, Terry  has been with him since my first visit in 1995. She's lovely, as are the rest of his staff who have been with him for many years. It's always a pleasure to visit his office. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. I trust Dr. Mittelman and would highly recommend him to anyone considering improving their appearance." Ellen R
"Dr. Mittelman provides the complete package for plastic surgery. Since my home is over 200 miles from the surgery site, hey coordinated a care provider to pick me up from surgery and tend to all my postoperative needs for 48 hours.  I was so impressed by his ability to contact staff to assist with my recovery. to alleviate friends and family from having to take time off from work, and to allow me to recover in a safe environment. As a patient, the energy devoted to meeting all my needs is an example of the outstanding service provided by his office. As a nurse,  I have been blessed to work with very prominent, influential cardiovascular surgeons. i have seen their achievements as they contributed to improve the lives of individuals. So, I am aware of people who exceed the bar on excellence. Thus, when I wanted a cosmetic procedure done, I looked for the very best. Someone who raised the bar and the person is Dr. Mittelman. His multidimensional talents are outstanding, professional attitude,  caring and compassionate individual, dynamic plastic surgeon. I would liken his talent of creativity to that of Picasso or Monet, he has a visionary ability to see and create a masterpiece. I have known Dr. Mittelman for over 20 years and would recommend his to anyone considering plastic surgery. His consultation provides and opportunity to examine your desires and provides insight to his assessment of what procedures would provide great results. His willingness to listen to a patient's wishes are simply amazing. i am so grateful that I followed my belief in Dr. Mittelman and pursued his office for the surgery. He meet all my needs and I would rate him above any plastic surgeon in the United States." Lynn C
"I began my relationship with Dr. Mittelman and his staff in 1994 when he did my eyes and lipo suction on my hips/upper legs. I say relationship because that is truly what it has been. From the moment I entered his office, I became a member of the Mittelman family. Absolutely everyone in the office is committed to client service excellence- from the first visit to the last followup - you know that you are in the hands of caring professionals. I knew after I had my eyes done that some day I would come back and have a face lift and I did just that last month. Dr. Mittelman is not only an amazing surgeon, he is an artist that knows how to enhance a woman's features without making her look artificial an or unnatural. I cant say enough about the care I received during the post surgery and follow up visits - their care doesn't stop after the surgical procedure - they are available 24/7 if you need anything. I am delighted with my results and I encourage anyone who is thinking about a cosmetic procedure to become a member of the Mittelman family." Kathie P.
"A good friend of mine recommended Dr. Mittelman when I told her I was interested in botox injections for my crow feet and frown lines between my eyes. So, I made an appointment and have to say that I have been thrilled with the results. And everyone in the office, including Dr. Mittelman is so helpful, warm and friendly! They truly make you feel like part of their family." Linda M
"I flew my mom in from the East Coast to have a full face lift with Dr. Mittelman. Our experience was outstanding. Though she wanted a face lift she had been hesitant to move forward because she had seen some overdone, bad jobs done by other surgeons. Dr. Mittelman immediately put her at ease by showing several before and after photos of his patients. He stated his goal is to attain a natural refreshed look as opposed to an overly pulled fake look like she had seen in the past done by other surgeons. The surgery went smoothly. Dr. Mittelman's staff was professional and caring. Her recovery was very easy.  She returned to East Coast and said friends who hadn't seen her in a while kept saying "you look so beautiful and well rested" She often says " I look in the mirror and in the morning and say thank you Dr. Mittelman" Though I have not had a face lift I regularly see Dr. Mittelman for Botox an sometimes fillers. I've never had a droopy eyelid or other problems I've heard friends complain about after getting Botox. We highly recommend Dr. Mittelman." Stephanie R
"I had my first procedure by Dr. Mittelman in 1995. A full facelift, eyes, chin implant, neck lipo. The results were amazing almost pain free and I could go out in public (with sun glasses) after a week. After 2 weeks I really saw the new ME. Both the pre-op and post-op were terrific, helping me through the process as this is a huge decision, not without fear and risk. My husband who had been against all of this was so impressed ( jealous?) that he decided to have his own lift and of course done by Dr. Mittelman. I have continued to see Dr. Mittelman's office for minor procedures, laser, some filler, etc. I would never to anyone else. I have total confidence in this office staff and Dr. Mittelman in particular, in terms of my own personal experience. I have never had a problem with any work to date. And Terry is a delightful and skilled practitioner who is most helpful now with my post-op issues with aging skin. Arent we lucky to have the ability to look as good as we feel? Top marks for sure. HOORAY!" Susan D
"Dr. Mittelman sets the standard for excellence. He is a superior surgeon, an expert in emerging technologies and an artist. As a patient for over 15 years, my surgical and non-surgical results have been natural and have exceeded my expectations. He has earned my respect, trust and gratitude." Linda N
"The Latisse ad is true. Picked up some for my Mom. 2 boxes for $150 is a steal. Office was nice, staff was friendly" P.F
"Since I'm and international flight attendant and in the public eye, personal appearance is important to me. About a year ago, I realized that to stay a a youth appearance I needed a facelift to take care of the loose skin on the neck, under the chin and the forming jowls. So for the last year I had been researching plastic surgeons here in the USA and since flight attendance fly free overseas, Not only had I researched their reputations but also the technique they used in surgery and because very well educated, after all , this is my face and I wanted the best. After a year of research I finally choose Dr. Mittelman since I was very impressed with his professionalism and his answers to all my questions. I 've just had my surgery by Dr. Mittelman a week ago, but I can see that I am already happy with the results. I look like me just more youthful. All of my issues were taken care of and the incisions well hidden. What really surprised me was that there wasn't any pain afterwards and very minimum bruising and swelling. If I'm this happy now, I cant wait to see what I'll be like in another few weeks. My girlfriend was so happy with my results that she is having her face done by Dr. Mittelman next week. Dr. Mittelman doesn't have one surgery for alt he recommended different procedure done for both my girlfriend and myself, based on our needs. Dr. Mittelman was assisted by Dr. Nathan Schreiber who is his fellow for this year and I also have wonderful things to say about him. Both doctors were very caring and made me feel like they really cared about ME. Not only was I phoned by one of the doctors at home a couple times after my surgery but also given the doctor's private cell phone number, just in case I needed anything." Barbara C
"I am a client of the Face to Face project and a victim of domestic abuse for many years. Throughout those years, it took it's toll on me emotionally and psychologically and physically. Thanks to programs like Face to Face which Dr. Mittelman's office is a part of . With the help of your Big Heart and wonderful staff, whom were never judgmental not full of curious questions. One that I heard so often "why did you stay or what got you to leave?" O was greeted with warm smiles and willingness to want to help. The domestic abuse resulted in a fractured jaw, a deviated septum, protruding and broken teeth. Scars from open facial wounds and sagging eyelids from so many black eyes, my face had endured. I am currently working on trying to further correcting my eyelids and other facial parts that I feel would help bring my looks back to where I first started before the abuse. With help from your office I am continuing to work on those aspects. With teamwork from both Dr. Shreiber and Dr. Mittelman, your team was able to come together with a plan to help me feel and look normal again. All along re-assuring me that my face didnt look that bad, which was very flattering and far from normal of what I was accustomed to hearing for so many years. Both professional and willing to hear all of my concerns and answer any questions. I wan to thank your office from the bottom of my heart for your empathy and willingness to want to help myself and others that are Victims. For doing research and finding an outpatient hospital that was willing to donate a room to perform the surgery. I really cannot emphasize how great my gratitude is to your team on how thankful I am for your work and your time. I am hoping to return to your office soon. As I know I need a little more work done, that was not covered by Face to Face program! Will be seeing you soon." Emma S
"I had my eyes done by Dr. Mittelman and the work he did was amazing. The scarring is barely there, you have to look in a magnifying mirror to see it. He made the perfect adjustment and I could not be happier. He is a true artist." Helen S
"I have been a client of Dr. Mittelman for longer than I would like to say and have had several procedures that have turned out great!!!  My partner and I have sent so many of our friends and family to him with never a single worry that they wouldn't be treated with the upmost care and the best out come anyone could want. I think he just gets better and better each time I have some thing done the recovery is easier and the results even better then I expect. His staff is exceptional, so warm and understanding. Terrie is a wonderful person an so nice to see and talk with.. Kim is also so very helpful just a great group of people who are there to make the experience very comfortable and they answer all the questions we ask when we decide to do a little procedure. Many thanks to you all." Robert J
"I highly recommend Dr. Mittelman, his staff and the expertise of his practice. Many years ago, I went to him asking to look refreshed but not to look years younger, as I thought that it would spell out I had "work done". Nevertheless, he gave me both, making me look so natural that close friends would complement me on how I look but never surmised I had cosmetic surgery. Since, I occasionally have Botox and fillers. Terry Silverman does these for me. My last visit was 20 months ago and just recently I looked in the mirror and thought, I need a refresher. She is such an amazing woman, competent, authentic, artistic, great sense of humor, and sincerely works with your budget to get the best results in what will achieve the overall improvement you are looking for. Dr. Mittelman is not only admired for his amazing surgery skills but competency of his staff, before during and after your procedure." Donnie P
"Today I had an earlobe repair procedure by Dr. Mittelman. I was very nervous and truly appreciated the care Dr. Mittelman took to explain the before, during and after aspects of the procedure.  which helped to put me at ease. Dr. Mittelman is a very accessible, highly skilled surgeon. He is also a mentor to post doctoral fellows. which demonstrates his deep commitment to his field and his practice. Terry (Dr. M's nurse) is fantastic and she talked to me during the my procedure today, which was an enormous comfort to me. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mittelman to anyone who has a plastic surgical need. He and his professional team-from the  front desk to those who assist during procedures and everyone else who works there, all provide exceptional compassionate care to their patients and make you feel like you personally are their highest concern and priority." Angela M
"Dr. Mittelman and his team are friendly, professional and set and extremely high bar for patient care. This a doctor's office you can trust to treat you with kindness and provide you with excellent service and treatment. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Harry Mittelman and Lee Ann Steffan." Lauren B
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